The Tiny Bubble

When you have built and remodeled homes for more than 38 years, it’s likely you will encounter a project beyond the sphere of your typical construction activity.
The Tiny Bubble Office is that project.

Suffering from severe allergies and being confined to working at home, my client − with her architect’s assistance − designed a plan for conversion of her existing two-car garage into a clean, livable space.

The renovation was unique in many ways. Every component or material used in construction was subject to approval prior to installation. The floor system alone required two-by-fours, secured 16 inches on center, which were then sealed with a specific product. Closed cell spray foam insulation was then installed in between these materials along with the existing exterior walls and roof deck. Prior to adding decorative tile flooring, we laid double layers of cement-based subflooring, sealed with anti-fracture membrane. Along with a high-efficient, mini-split HVAC system, we installed a fresh air recirculating air filtration system. We were also able to tie into the existing sewer system and provide a half bath.

This project took me beyond the normal satisfaction I enjoy whenever I reach the finish line. Knowing that I was able to expand her work and living space with a more comfortable environment for both her job and hobbies gives me great pleasure.

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