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Unlike new construction, remodeling requires a different approach.  When clients open their homes to you as a contractor there is an expectation that you will respect their property, implement the proper protective measures, communicate daily, work cleanly and deliver your job on time and within budget. This is the J & J Development, Inc. approach and we make no exceptions to this process.

Our team is experienced in all types of home remodeling, from the rather simple to the highly complex. Whether you’re interested in bathroom or kitchen updates, or extensive floor plan revisions and expansion, we’re here to make it happen.

1. Evaluation

This is an important step in renovating your home. It allows both the client and contractor an opportunity to discuss basic information required to get the process rolling. We will go over your vision, as well as any challenges, and make recommendations for meeting your desires. You should be prepared to provide a survey or a copy of the plat containing the legal parameters of your home site, as well as the architectural firm you’ll use to help with design. We can also refer you to architects we work closely with.

2. Design

At this stage, we meet with your architect to create the esthetic flow of your remodeling. We will again address any construction challenges regarding implementation. We work continuously with the design team from start to finish to ensure desired expectations are met.

3. Rendering a Layout

This is where we begin putting it all together. We will present to you a rendering of the proposed remodel project along with an approximate customer budget. You will have the opportunity to make corrections, add notations or possibly elect to start over. Any revisions will go back to the designer and contractor, and a revised rendering and cost approximation will be provided. It can take up to three revisions to arrive at the finalized outcome.

Trade subcontractors will then visit your home to survey the work required. We use this information to prepare a comprehensive estimate based on the multi-touch point of trades. We always strive to provide our customers the most competitive margins for any work performed.

4. Contract

Once layout plans and specifications are complete, such documents will be signed and attached or referenced in your construction remodel contract. You will have the opportunity to review the contract and address any questions or issues prior to executing this document. Once agreed, the contract, along with all required attachments, can be submitted to your lender, if required, for final loan approval. Prior to project commencement, we will require a deposit.

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